New Style Dressage

New Style Dressage
Spacco-Rand - Spacco curved top
Winterfütterung aus echter Schurwolle - Winter lining made of pure new wool
New Style Dressage mit zusätzlicher Strass-Reihe - New Style Dressage with additional rhinestones
New Style Dressage mit Galaxy-Stulpe - New Style Dressage with Galaxy hunting-top
  • Allround riding boots for children and adults
  • made of soft calf leather
  • tapered ankle
  • stiffener on the outside
  • Spacco top with Königs-crown (only on the outside)
  • zip at the back
  • zip protection
  • elastic insert
  • stitched sole with additional rubber sole
  • This boot can also be ordered with curved glitter-top, rhinestones, Galaxy-top and/or additional winter lining made of pure new wool