Nevio mit schwarzer Glitzerapplikation - Nevio with black glitter application
Haftgebende Grip Innenseite - Grip leather panel inside
Winterfütterung aus echter Schurwolle - Winter lining made of pure new wool
Glitzer schwarz - Glitter black
Glitzer braun - Glitter brown
Glitzer blau -  Glitter navy
Glitzer silber - Glitter silver
Schwarz Lack - Black patent
Glitzerstulpe graphit - Glittertop graphite
Strasseinsatz (wahlweise weiße oder schwarze Steine) - Strass inset (white or black stones)
Applikation Stern - Application Star
Applikation Glitzerrand silber - Application curved glitter top silver
Applikation Glitzerrand schwarz - Application curved glitter top black
Applikation Glitzerrand graphit - Application curved glitter top graphite
Applikation Glitzerrand braun - Application curved glitter top brown
Applikation Glitzerrand blau - Application curved glitter top blue
Applikation Lilie - Application Lily
Applikation Lackrand - Application patent curved top
Applikation Stulpe Leo - Application Leo-top
  • Allround riding boots for children and adults
  • made of side leather
  • tapered ankle
  • elegant stitching at the shaft
  • engraved Königs crown
  • zip at the back
  • zip protection
  • antislip, shock-absorbing sole for maximum comfort
  • removable anatomic insole for size adjustment
  • This boot can be customized
  • Also orderable in choco and caramel